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The statement sweater is the new deconstructed shirt

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Yesterday's #OOTD: an epic Gucci cheerleading sweater . by @streetstyle.official

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The humble sweater has been through a steady fashion revolution over the past few years and this fall it upgrades its silhouette -incorporating embroidery, adding frills and ruffles, or getting voluminous at the sleeves- to become the new statement piece you need to incorporate to yor wardrobe.

There was that fluffy pink mohair sweater on Nicholas Hoult in ‘A Perfect Man’, Tom Ford’s first movie and possibly the reason we all went bonkers for the fifties for at least three seasons. Or, was it the oversized sweaters on lanky models running from show to show, à la Anja Rubik? Was it the triumphant return of the turtleneck and its most practical application, sweaters? What we do know is that it has little to do with climate. A cropped jumper and exposed midriff is a statement worth making, regardless of minus degrees outside. Spring/Summer brings luxurious silk knits – light, transparent and soft. It also offers up everybody’s favourite white-sweater-black-jeans combo of the season. Winter heralds in thick luxurious knits, that either stop under the bust, hang past the knees or end neatly at the waistband. A cable-knit sweater is the sartorial equivalent of a childhood friend, and can be worn with dark sunglasses, over your pencil skirts and trousers alike.

So how do we work these sweaters now? Unlike most other trends, we can’t say that anything has gone out. It’s a veritable snuggle fest with very few ‘don’ts’ on the list. Ladies sweaters have replaced the boyfriend sweater, refining a few of the bust and shoulder issues that come with borrowing from men. Oversized sweaters are still a go, worn exactly how you expect, with slim pants or your skinnies, and a shoe that fits the function. Try doubling up with a turtleneck underneath and wide-leg trousers. The new oversized jumper allows for volume with volume and eliminates frump. A chunky-knit sweater cropped at the belly button is a good way to wear your new flares, and also a fine way to tone down those ridiculously high heels you haven’t braved going out in yet. (We feel you!) An embellished jumper or a fine-knit crop sweater underneath crisp black overalls for a fresh new season, or teamed with your ultimate pair of high-waisted jeans. Don’t be afraid of mixing textures: wool jumpers who sit with baroque laces make an elite group, as do ribbed pullovers and tough leathers. The knitted suit has been fighting the good fight for a few seasons. Just as contrasting textures is a study in sex appeal, the sweater that matches your knitted skirt or pants is an expression of cool.

Paper London ruffled merino wool sweater available HERE

Paper London ruffled merino wool sweater available HERE
3X1 WM3 Crop Fringe mid-rise straight-leg jeans available HERE
Adidas by Stella McCartney Crazy Move Bounce available HERE
Delfina Delettrez ABC 18-karat gold, pearl and enamel earring available HERE
Balenciaga Giant 12 City mini textured-leather bag available HERE

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