B Balenciaga – Alexander Wang’s first fragrance for Balenciaga

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B Balenciaga is Alexander Wang’s first fragrance for Balenciaga, expected to hit the counters in mid-October.

“Each element was a process that took a lot of evaluation as to what’s been done before and what hasn’t been done before,” told Alexander Wang to WWD. “It took a lot of soul-searching, but I really wanted to do something quite pure, as I see it as a step forward for the house. It was exciting working on the scent and going to the essence of the brand, to its DNA, and to also combine that with my vision. Designing fragrances and designing clothes and accessories are both emotional. But fragrance is much more scientific, while in bags, shoes and clothes, there are a lot of tech parameters. With fragrance, it’s a whole different ball game. I’m always up for a creative challenge, though — I love to explore and dig up why something has to work the way it does.”

The bottle is inspired by the marble flooring of Balenciaga’s original salon at 10 Avenue George V in Paris while the cap by the modern accessories of the brand .“The glass treatment felt very artisanal, yet refined, and the texture also reminded me of veins of marble and the marble theme that was in my first collection for the house,” noted Wang. Anna Ewers (photographed in the ad campaign by Steven Klein) has been tapped as the perfume muse.

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