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Watch Massimo Giorgetti runway debut X Emilio Pucci Spring 2016

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Following June’s debut in Florence with the Pilot episode of his new gig as creative director of Emilio Pucci, Massimo Giorgetti show today his first main collection for the luxury Tuscan label on the runway. Giorgetti succeeds Peter Dundas, who helmed the brand for seven years. Heres what he shared with WWD:

About the inspiration behind the collection: «My Emilio Pucci is fun but also sophisticated. It might not be immediately easy to understand because, studying the heritage of the brand, I realized that Emilio Pucci was a bit crazy. His approach was superfree, he developed an out-of-the-box kind of creativity, he had no limits, but at the same time, he was always extremely sophisticated. The brand has to be fun, but not too fun — I want it to look playful, sweet, sometimes childish — and most of all, very emotional. While the Pilot was an homage to Florence, Episode 1 is an homage to the sea world, which constantly returns in Emilio Pucci’s collections. Since I was very young, for me, Pucci meant sea, beach life, Capri, Saint-Tropez. The challenge was to make this inspiration modern, so I didn’t work on the brand’s classic graphic patterns, but I focused on the more playful prints of the brands, which date back to the Fifties and Seventies when Emilio Pucci used to design more characters than abstract motifs. This is the lesser-known part of his work. To highlight the “now factor,” which is always very important for me because I love the idea of capturing the present, I took logo-mania to the extreme with the new “Blasone” logo, which was actually designed by a 20-year-old intern on my team. This appears on the clothes, but mostly on the accessories, in combination with embroideries and rich appliqués. In addition, I used the “Emilio” logo in italics. I liked the fact that Pucci used to sign with his first name only. The “Blasone” and the “Emilio” are the symbols of the brand’s new code.»

Watch Emilio Pucci Spring 2016 runway show!

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