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THINK FIRST, BUY SECOND: I stand by Vestiaire Collective’s latest initiative

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Fast fashion is fuelling overconsumption and overproduction, and it’s the number one cause of our planet’s textile waste problem.
We want that to change…

No More Fast Fashion
Last year we announced a 3-year plan to progressively ban fast fashion brands from our platform.

But what is fast fasion? Together with a committee of experts, we’ve defined fast fashion for the first time. Key elements include very low prices, frequent collection updates, a broad product range, intensive and frequent promotional periods, and a swift production cycle. With this information, we’ve identified and banned a further 30 brands – including H&M, Gap, and Bershka – from being bought, sold, or listed with us.

Join the Movement
Shopping pre-loved with Vestiaire Collective has a 90% lower environmental impact compared with buying new. That’s why we’re challenging our Collective to join our movement and take a pledge – whether it be a complete fast fashion ban on their own wardrobes or a commitment to stop buying fast fashion for the rest of the year.

The Alternatives
Have you got fast fashion items taking up space in your closet? Finding sustainable solutions to disposing of them is a complex issue, and it doesn’t have a simple answer.

The best thing we can do is adopt better shopping habits. The second best thing is to avoid sending what we already own to landfill. Need some tips? Head to our FAQs to explore our recommended alternatives.

Make it a Better Black Friday
Thinking of going on a shopping spree this Black Friday?

We curate edits at every price point, so you can invest in a few better quality pieces for the same price as a load of fast fashion that’s destined for landfill.

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