Valentino Fall 2016

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Notes on the show: «The woman is the protagonist of her own illustration, she is free in her gestures and in her thoughts.

«The radical culture of the nowness and the happening through artwork and performance with spaghetti straps and classic dance wear worn with mirrored tiles.»

«Fluid draperies fall for a freedom of physical movements with layered prints on print in blush shades of pink.»

«When tutus become meager tops with flared skirts and reinterpreted ballet shoes for joyful gestures of traditional dance costumes.»

«Sartorial precision intersects the graciousness of the look thus transforming the atmosphere into a sense of «levitas» blush sequins are layered over soft knitwear.»

«Sheer opulence, purity and art combine in one look for a range of sensations and emotions as nude and pastels mix in perfect harmony.»

«The release of primordial energy through laminated, artistic fringes allow for an emotional interaction and movement.»


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