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Michael Kors Spring 2019

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Bridget Foley and Jean. E Palmieri on Michael Kors SS19: «Michael Kors believes in the power of positive thinking. “The world is upside down, and I say, kill them with kindness, spirit, joy and charm,” he said during a preview. It’s more than a shtick, it’s a deeply held philosophy.

So, too, is knowing his customer. Kors is old-school in that respect; he still believes in client events — yes, trunk shows. “I just did a slew of them,” he said. “Women want joyous, wonderful things that make them smile, but at the same time are not so precious that they put them away in the closet. You have to take the stuffing out of what’s indulgent.”

For spring, Kors unstuffed and then some. After several seasons at Spring Studios, he relocated all the way south to Pier 17, showing in a vast space where numerous huge canvases of “nonspecific” resort-y locales sent an advance message of sun, fun and happiness. Lest the point be missed, he came up with a logo for sweats and bags heralding the “MK Beach Club.”

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