Shop Christian Louboutin Nail Color collection (including the limited edition Rouge Louboutin Starlight)

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Rouge Louboutin Nail Color transforms into a rare exquisite jewel to become ultimate object of desire. 1,500 hematite strass crystals hand applied with the utmost attention to details, create a reflective garment that magnifies the architecture of the faceted glass bottle and extreme height cap. Two leather stressed flowers borrowed from Fall/Winter 2014 shoe «Pensamoi” rest delicately as a decorative accent on the box cover. The glimmering Rouge Louboutin is preciously encased in a velvet soft black insert, sitting in a jewelry like carton box with a black lacquered finish, showcasing a red reveal. Due to the intricate handcrafting of this unique object, Rouge Louboutin Starlight will be available in a limited worldwide quantity of 1,000 pieces.

You can shop the Rouge Louboutin Starlight HERE at NORDSTROM and HERE at HARVEY NICHOLS

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