Mango Fall Winter 2015 fashion show

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Is it possible to translate the sounds that made history during the 60s and 70s? The MANGO collection for next Autumn/Winter 2015 provides the answer.

Music and fashion join hands in the firm’s latest designs. Precursors of groundbreaking style, Janis Joplin, Grace Slick, Patti Smith and Blondie set a precedent by revealing a freer spirit in the women’s music scene.

This is what the MANGO creations represent. Leather coats, bell-bottom trousers, dresses and flowing blouses appear on the catwalk as the heirs to a more hippie style in this transition featuring female icons in music.

An individual declaration which over time was accentuated, leading to a more rock or even disco style, as reflected in the final part of the collection. The MANGO garments pay homage to low necklines, leather drainpipe trousers, the combination of textures and the shiny details that glorify the more glam part of this evolution.

The MANGO Man collection is also looking back and reinventing the trends of pure British rock style. Drainpipe trousers and outerwear such as army coats are key in a collection where black prevails in garments with designs inspired by rock and beatnik with a folk touch.

Without overlooking the characteristics that identify the brand, the MANGO designs for the forthcoming season celebrate the freedom revolution initiated by icons of women’s music who wrote the rules of an indelible style.

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