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Yeah, you totally still need to be wearing your jackets barely over the shoulders

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Miranda Kerr, Suki Waterhouse and Daisy Love

Celebrities, bloggers and fashion designers all point in the same direction: jackets should no be weared properly bu just strategically put on the shouders. In order to succeed you need to just letting it be there and try not to stroll vigourosly…Impractical as it may seem, there is a way to pull off the coat-or-blazer-or-jacket-as-cape without losing your top layer.


Elizabeth and James Pre-Fall 2014



Song of Style

2014 CLIO Image Awards

Sarah Jessica Parker


Balmain Pre-Fall 2014


 Mango Pre-Fall 2014


THE KEY SRING/SUMMER 2014 LOOK: the jacket must hang in one shoulder while gently revealing the other one. Good luck with that.


Photo credit: Andy Torres

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