Gucci Pre-Fall 2019

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Gucci Pre-Fall 2019

Alessandra Turra of about the collection: «With no Alessandro Michele, no member of the design team nor any show notes, it was difficult to decode the overall meaning and message of Gucci’s pre-fall collection, which was shown on mannequins in the company’s Milan showroom.

Since his debut at the helm of the luxury fashion house, Michele has made a certain overabundance and eccentricity core to Gucci, along with exceptional creativity, fantasy, richness and beautiful execution.

These were still key for pre-fall, as the collection at first sight looked like a further development from previous seasons, with the layered look; ornamental opulence — including charming embroidered starred skies and city views, and a sense of controlled disorder in the combination of diverse elements in a single look.»

Tiziana Cardini of about the collection: «As always, since Michele took over here, every outfit was treated as a sort of mini story unto itself, as if it were born out of a fashion egg already perfectly formed: styled, accessorized, and ready to fly out of stores at rocket speed. Prominent styles included caftans—the best in exotic, rich brocades—and three-piece printed suits in which blazers were worn over elongated tunics for a new layered silhouette. Overall, the tailoring was strong: sharp-shouldered and slim-fitted with an ’80s flavor. Tweed bouclé was the predominant texture, spongy and supple; it looked delightfully odd printed with the Gucci logo or paired in rather idiosyncratic combos with sequins and chenille. The evening offering was spectacular, featuring Poiret-inspired velvet tabards embroidered with starry skies, and dramatic, fit-for-the-fairies ball gowns dripping with sequins.

The lookbook’s images, staged with sloppy-looking tourist-character extras snapping pictures in the background, were shot by director and photographer Harmony Korine in the archaeological parks of Pompeii and Herculaneum, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites in southern Italy. A limited-edition book is slated to be published next year, part of a project that continues Gucci’s commitment to sustaining and promoting cultural heritage sites around the world.»


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